Just Wondering…..

Another Day

So I sprained my ankle the other day. No not just a twist, a serious twist. Boy don’t this put a crimp in your day. Even standing around sucks. When was the last time that happened. So of course I have a “tall” truck. Not the easiest vehicle to get into, and I have to go to the dump. So I load up and off I go. Strapped in like I’m in a moon lander (as I legally should be) I arrive at my destination. I immediately notice an idiot parked blocking everything. Surprise. I think of my ankle. So now I wish I didn’t go to the dump.


Here we go again!!


My name is Dave Gillette, and I have something to say. Well at least I think I do. Just like every other blog out there in the internets we spew out our opinions as if they were fact…well they are aren’t they? Well I don’t think thats what I want here, maybe fun light hearted opinions (is there such a thing?). We need something light hearted, some are too tense, politically partisan without common sense. Narcissism reigns supreme. Maybe we can just format and start over, clean install, and keep our sanity this time. Maybe.